Alcohol Counselling and Therapy in Birmingham

We live in a society where the use of alcohol is often actively promoted and readily available. Sometimes what starts out as an enjoyable recreational activity or something to help us feel better can become a habit that is soon difficult to stop. Recognising the signs of an alcohol misuse issue and seeking help early can prevent more serious issues:

Some symptoms of alcohol misuse may include:

How therapy can help

Alcohol misuse issues can negatively affect all aspects of our lives including financial, relationships, work and health (mental, physical and sexual). It can be hard to admit that you may have difficulties controlling the use of alcohol and recognising the impact this is having on both you and others around you. However, having the space to explore the reasons for the usage, identifying how and what you would like to change, exploring ways forward and learning self management tools can often be helpful in addressing the issue.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me

Testimonials from previous clients:

"Counselling helped me understand why I drank and how I could do things differently. Over time I was able to cut down my drinking to the point where it wasn't a problem anymore".

Sean 24 yrs

"Through therapy I learnt strategies to control my drinking and not let it control me anymore. Very helpful".

Mary 68 yrs

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