Counselling and Therapy for Sexuality, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues

Experiencing different desires and feelings for a person of the same sex may be confusing, particularly if we feel we are trying to live up to others expectations of us and/or scared of potential retribution. Equally to feel we have been born into the wrong body which does not reflect our internal sense of self and who we are may be difficult to understand and lead to us feeling isolated.

We live in a society where heterosexuality is often the perceived norm and despite positive changes in both legislation and attitudes over recent years, prejudice and discrimination unfortunately still exist. Being on the receiving end of this can be frightening and emotionally distressing which may result in other issues such as reduced self esteem, confidence and withdrawal.

The reality is that human sexuality is diverse and fluid with all identities being equally valid.

Some definitions which may be helpful are;

Sexual Identity – This is how we identify ourselves ie; Hetrosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Asexual

Sexual Orientation – This is defined by the gender of the person who we find attractive

Sexuality – This is how and what we enjoy sexually and makes up our personal sexuality

Gender Identity - This is our self concept and sense of ourselves as either male or female. This is not necessarily defined by our physical bodies and genitalia

Transgender – This is when a person's body and genitalia does not match their internal sense of their gender identity

How therapy can help

Having the space to explore who we are in a positively affirming and non judgemental environment can be helpful in allowing us to develop a positive and healthy gender and sexual identity. Some people find it useful to be able to give themselves a ‘label' whilst others do not. There is no right or wrong, just individual choice.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me

Testimonials from previous clients:

"I was finding it very hard to accept the fact I am gay as it is against my religious beliefs. I lived in fear of my family and friends finding out as I believed they would never speak to me again. Seeing Wendy helped me realise I am not alone and it is ok to be gay. I have started to like myself again and feel more confident in myself. Wendy totally accepted me as I am and her supportive approach helped me through a difficult time. I recommend her as a therapist".

Simon 32 yrs

"Having the space to talk about and understand my sexuality and gender identity issues has allowed me to feel more confident in who I am as a person".

Sharon 24 yrs

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