"I've been very privileged to have worked with such a skilled, sensitive and understanding counsellor. This has been a very valuable experience for me and has helped me at a time when I was experiencing many changes and challenges' "

Sharon 53 years old

"Therapy has helped to highlight the way I can improve my thinking and physical and mental health "

Tom 36 years old

"I've learnt strategies to manage my anxiety so I now feel more in control. Thanks You! "

Harvinder 24 years old

"After counselling I feel I understand myself better and can now make different decisions. I feel more empowered "

Heidi 29 years

"I have suffered on and off with depression for years, through therapy I have learnt the reasons why and how to change these. I am now in a much better place and enjoying life again "

Alan 27 yrs

"Talking through my low mood and how I felt really helped me in finding ways to change it"

Kerry 38 yrs

"I am 69 years old and have been dogged by anxiety since childhood. Through our work together Wendy helped me manage my anxiety, challenge my fears and avoidance of the unknown and DO IT! She was irksomely good at getting me to stop talking about doing something, overcome my fear of the unknown and do it! Wendy's approach is laid back, sympathetic, non judgemental whilst being alert to anything significant. She was firm, with a smile and I needed someone to give me a nudge. I'm glad she did. I am presently attending art classes which I had avoided for years and enjoying them and planning what to do next. I strongly recommend her services. "

Mary age 69

"I have suffered with severe anxiety for the last 35 years, through therapy I have learnt how to think properly and work through the problem. Wendy has also taught me mindful breathing which has helped me calm down so I can think things through rationally, something I could not do before I started the work. I have no hesitation in recommending Wendy in helping you to live a more enjoyable life. "

Jim age 64

"I sought therapy after the break-up of a long term relationship which left me feeling alone and at a cross roads in my life. Wendy helped me explore different options for the future and re-build my self-confidence which was very helpful. Thank you!"

Michael 27 yrs

"I had counselling with Wendy after I was made redundant. I felt useless and doubted I would find work again because of my age. Wendy did not promise to make me feel better but instead listened to how I felt without judging me and supported me to explore different options. She believed in me as a person at a time when I didn't. I have now learnt how to do this for myself again".

John 59 yrs

"I found my sessions with Wendy were the only private time to truly explore and reflect on my feelings. I've learnt so much about myself, how I function in relationships and am more self-aware and confident to tackle life's challenges"

Sarah aged 50

"Wendy helped me understand why I always seemed to choose relationships that weren't good for me and by being more assertive and learning to like myself more I can now make different choices. A very good therapist. "

Paula 37 yrs

"Difficult issues in my childhood had resulted in me having an addiction in my adult years. I was unsure if counselling would help but am happy to have been proved wrong. My work with Wendy involved exploring my childhood which was at times painful but has allowed me to understand myself better. I have also learnt techniques to manage my addiction. Thank you!" Simon 41 yrs "Counselling helped me to come to terms with a traumatic event and move on with my life. Very helpful. "

Geraldine 26 yrs

"I was finding it very hard to accept the fact I am gay as it is against my religious beliefs. I lived in fear of my family and friends finding out as I believed they would never speak to me again. Seeing Wendy helped me realise I am not alone and it is ok to be gay. I have started to like myself again and feel more confident in myself. Wendy totally accepted me as I am and her supportive approach helped me through a difficult time. I recommend her as a therapist."

Simon 32 yrs

"Having the space to talk about and understand my sexuality and gender identity issues has allowed me to feel more confident in who I am as a person"

Sharon 24 yrs

"After my wife died I felt I had lost my life as well. Talking to Wendy gradually helped me work through the grief and realise that everything I felt was normal. Over time I managed to go back to work and start to rebuild my life. "

Sam 54 yrs

"Counselling helped me come to terms with losing my brother. It was difficult at first but having someone who listened and understood how I felt helped me accept it. It doesn't go away but it does get easier "

John 32 yrs

"I had counselling because I was unsure about who I was as a person. It helped me to understand my feelings and my religious and cultural beliefs. Working with Wendy has changed my life for the better. I would recommend her as a therapist"

Dan 38 yrs

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