Counselling and Therapy for Work Related Issues

Work is often a big part of our lives and takes up a lot of our time both mentally and physically. If we are unhappy in our jobs or working environments this can have an impact on other aspects of our lives. For example if we feel unfulfilled or unrecognised we may be angry or irritable at home, taking out our frustrations on loved ones and proverbially "kicking the cat".

It is unrealistic to expect ourselves to be happy, content and fulfilled in our working lives all the time since challenges and issues are inevitable. However if we find the negative aspects of our work is starting to outweigh the positives, it may be time to review the situation.

How therapy can help

Sometimes when we are in a difficult situation it can be hard to take a step back and make decisions. Talking to a trained professional can help us see things clearer and by having the space to discuss the work related issues and how they may be affecting us, we can begin to identify the areas we may like to change and explore new ways to move forward.

If you feel it would be helpful to speak with a therapist, please contact me

Testimonials from previous clients:

"I was being bullied by my boss and became depressed as a result, I was really unhappy and didn't know what to do. Counselling helped me realise I needed to resign, rebuild my confidence and start again somewhere new. Wendy supported me through this and working with her was really helpful at a pivitol time in my life. Thank You".

Amandeep 27 yrs

"I had been promoted at work but wasn't enjoying the new role and was finding it difficult to cope with the added repsonsibilities which left me feeling overwhelmed. I was starting to doubt myself. Wendy helped me work out what my self doubt was about together we worked on my time management and organisational skills. This helped greatly and I feel much more in control".

Sarah 53 yrs

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